Unlimited number of pages and a small online store - It provides an ideal start with a large variety of functions.

It understands what companies need for their Web result, many performance with less expenditure of time.

Speed and interaction - It makes user requirements come true. Successful companies are thrilled.

The web presence of its most professional side: High-speed surfing and expert advice.

Content Management Systems


Among the content management systems CMSFROG stands out. CMSfrog allows Web site creation at a highly professional level with low cost and without any programming knowledge. This intuitive CMS is directly associated with the necessary hosting. Successes in web site programming are not only immediately visible, but also instantly available. Of course, existing domains, including all existing files can be easily integrated into the Content Management System and managed through the database of CMSFROG. Its multi domain-/multi project ability makes our CMS even easier and more flexible for you.

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10 good reasons

  1. CMS Including Hosting

    Including Hosting


    In our CMS system, the hosting is already included, with no setup fee. Depending on the package the associated email Hosting guarantees you to manage up to 200 in any number of email addresses. For existing domains, we handle for you free of charge from the CHPROV application. If you have decided on a multi-domain service package, you can now easily manage all projects over us. This saves you time and money.

  2. Intuitiv Operated

    Intuitiv Operated


    Intuitive operationality means for you: No programming knowledge, no complex training, no time investment in long-winded instructions. Our CMS is immediately ready for using and designed in a user-friendly way, so that you can start creating your website instantly. Within a few minutes you will see results. With WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) you can see your website as it will be your users will see later.

    What you see is what you get
  3. Individual Adaptable

    Individual Adaptable


    All CMSFROG service packages are optimally geared to the different customer demands. In your service package you exactly get the features you use mainly in the rule. As the owner of your own server, or with access to a separate server, we are also able to program additional program mudules, which are customized, at any time you want. Therewith we always offer you the best, multi-functional, tailor-made overall concept.

  4. Additional Modules

    Additional Modules


    Competitiveness on the world wide web presumes the fulfillment of user requirements for interaction. Nowadays it isn't enough for users just to read information. They want to be active and communicate directly with you in different ways. The Shop module makes the purchase of your products to your users easily. A few clicks are enough to order what you want. Feedbacks were gladly left behind in the form of guest book entries, forum or blog entries and the ability to timely exchange with other users builds trust. Modul-Erweiterungen With the marketing tool you can analyze the behavior of your users in real-time analog and the Online Project Manager simplifys you with the help of the calendar and the email/SMS reminder function the customer communication. The newsletter function is the best marketing tool for your customers to be informed about all the new features and products regularly. In our product range [link] you can find a list of all additional modules that make your website more professional and functional. In the service area [link] you can find more suggestions.

  5. OnlineShop Integrated

    OnlineShop Integrated


    A multi-functional, fast online shop is in the context of eCommerce the basis for modern marketing strategies and for companies indispensable nowadays. Inside the CMS a professional shop-system is already integrated, which is thanks to clear buttons and functions as intuitive designable as the entire website before.



    Your users can quickly find their way, quickly order products and process the payment transaction is secure.

    Commercial enterprise resource planning programs can be combined at any time with the online shop of your CMS.

  6. Import/Export Function

    Import / Export Function


    By connecting to databases already in use, we can transfer all the data in our system and thereby ease your change. Both selected informations and data records, as well as entire domain moves, including all files and linking structures can be implemented.

    Versatile import and export functions allow the integration of external dates and the output of your dates in different mediums.

  7. Allocation Of User Permissions

    User Permissions


    In your CMS you certainly have the possibility to allocate user permissions. Whether limited or full system access, you decide who can work in the system. By this the work delegation is facilitated and the workflow is optimized.

  8. Reliable Backup Strategies

    Reliable Backup Strategies


    Reliable backup strategies are essential to your business success, so that the occurrence of the worst case not all is lost and you have to start from start. With us, your data is safe. They are stored on three different hard drives in Raid 5 and association secured, which means that always two disks are mirrored every day. We added up all your data contained on our servers every day in a backup file that is kept for six days until it is replaced on the seventh day of a new backup file. This leaves all your files remain intact. Backup-Dateien

    Especially important to you is here the "recovery point of time": While creating your pages and subpages up to twenty previous steps are saved in the course. This allows you, to go back one or more steps in the timeline and to restore the previous version. With this your dates are not only safe, you also have the possibility to use older versions.

  9. Webdesign/Template- Assistant

    Individual Webdesign or Templates


    CMSFROG is fully compatible with your corporate design. Our Web Design Assistent helps you, to customize your website exactly your company colors and fonts . In the Template Assistent, you can adjust your site design exactly to what you want or to your already existing website. Currently there are over a hundred templates for your personal webdesign available. Day by day releasing new designs. Some of these designs are available for free use. You might also integrate your existing website easily in our CMS. The Import / Export [link] function tells you more. Also our support [link] are always available for your questions.

  10. Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization Tools


    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important aspect of any website. Only through targeted SEO approach you are in search engine result ranking as high as possible and your customers find your website easily. Our search tool works SEO-based and supports you in your successful web presence. If additional questions are, will help our team in support.



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Uncertainties need not be. If you have questions or need advice we will call you back of course. In a personal conversation, we decide together which service package is suitable for your needs best. Our Content Manager provides you with much power as possible with as much use necessary.

You have doubts about a website without programming knowledge to process smoothly and in secons?

The fully-functional demo version depicts how fast and intuitive cmsfrog is for making a professional website, without any programming knowledge. Here you can test yourself, because after all we can promise a lot, but only the interactive example convinced.